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Uptime and What You Do During It

Uptime refers to the live sessions on Tuesday evenings where players are allowed to post and interact with each other and the game world in the Ad Nauseam Discord server.

In Ad Nauseam, the Uptime will represent the duration of the banquet more or less in real time, with some creative leniency. The session begins at 7pm in real world time, and when we time in, it will also be 7pm in the game world.

Actions you may take during Uptime include:

  • Talking to PCs and NPCs in the channels available to you
  • Attempting to achieve something using your magic or by invoking your Quirks
  • Exploring physical locations represented by location channels
  • Having secret conversations with someone by requesting for a private channel
  • Travelling and doing a linear with a GM

Uptime on Discord

During Uptime, you will have access to text channels, both IC and OC. They will be listed in the channel sidebar on the left-hand side and will be appropriately named so it is clear what they are for. Channel names always start with a # (hash) symbol. Selecting one will allow you to view them, and if you have permission to do so, type in it. Some channels you may be able to only type in sometimes, or view but not type in. If you feel there are errors, contact a GM (who will be listed under the “GM” subheading in the user sidebar on the right-hand side) in the channel labeled “#oc-tech-support” by tagging them in your message with “@GM” or “@<their username>”.

During the game, new text channels may appear to you, and old ones may disappear. This does not mean they no longer exist, but you no longer can view them. This may reflect a change in location, status, or another in-game occurrence that would help or hinder your communications with others. You may find pinned messages in channels: these will be pinned by GMs, and represent information you gain upon entering the channel (eg location description). If you believe there has been an error, message a GM before messaging in the channel. There will be mechanics by which you can request special channels with others. These will be arranged and monitored by GMs.

For accessibility and simplicity, we have not switched off message history. This means that whenever you gain access to a certain channel, you will be able to see the previous messages sent in this channel. We kindly ask all players to not take message histories as IC knowledge and not meta-game using them.

Remember, access to the internet can vary significantly in quality, as can the functionality of peoples' computers, so please don't become frustrated if someone doesn't respond to you immediately: they may be experiencing technical difficulties!

Private messaging within Discord is not an IC mechanic and should not be used unless you need to speak to a specific GM in confidence. This is because GMs need to be able to see what you are writing in order to moderate the game properly!

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