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Character Progression

Under normal circumstances these abilities would take years to learn. But these are not normal circumstances. You will experience things that very few other mages may boast having encountered and will 'live' (at least in the short-term) to tell the tale. As such, you get to go on a bit of an accelerated course in life skills and magic.

Spell progression

Players will start off only being able to use Enhancement. Over the course of the game, characters can perform actions that can help them gain new Spells, like Shaping. The exact method to gain a new Spell generally involves gaining a deeper understanding of magic and the law of equivalence. This can be achieved in 2 ways: studying magic and loss, or experiencing it. Players may have to work towards such a goal across multiple sessions and will be informed by GMs through their turnsheets when they succeed in gaining a new Spell.

Quirk progression

Players will start off with only a few Quirks, but will be able to gain more through out the game. Your character will gain a new positive Quirk, representing their growth in skill and knowledge. Due to the nature of the time loop, these quirks will largely be mental in nature. A GM will contact you via email before Wednesday midnight with a list of three positive Quirks, chosen for their (relative) relatedness to your character's actions in this time-loop (both during uptime and downtime), and you may choose one of them as your character advancement. There will be a place in your turnsheet for you to state your choice (and clarify the Quirk if necessary). The Quirk comes into effect immediately and can be called upon in your turnsheet actions. These Quirks are permanent additions to your character's repertoire.

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