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At the Bottom of the Kaleidoscope

When everyone else was shouting, you actually paid some attention to the visions you saw as you were dragged into the strange place of nothingness. Something rings a bell. You can almost see the pattern through the chaos.

You think through the visions you've seen, the strange and ever shifting scenes. They are all such visions of some kind of pain? from melancholic to despair. You open a sketch book and allow you pencil to wander as you try to recall the things you saw. There was something, something that felt… familiar. You pen a little flower and the puzzle piece connects.

Gilded clouds unfurl like tender summer vines. A blue dress vanishes behind the wall of roses. Peek behind, or don’t. A drop of tear, a drop of blood, an embrace of roses, a lingering touch.

That vision fits everything Florianus said about the day he lost his sister to a Rhosyn. Could it have been his Rapture?

All those visions were visions of loss. Could each of them be someone's Rapture? And why would they be shown when you go to the place…?

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