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Deep Circus

Stories about the Deep Circus have been around for a truly long time. Perhaps if taken at face value all those fantastical tales about their performers seem ridiculous and laughable. However, you must consider the fact that there have been legends of the Deep Circus passed down through oral tradition way older than many cities. If it were truly something without solid basis, how could it have possibly persisted for centuries when nations have been forgotten in less?

- extract from Deep Histories by Kerfajink


Turn 1

Flying dog key to Deep Circus:

Flying dog spotted in the Sanctuary, some say that if you ride it then it will take you to Deep Circus, where you can finally complete your induction. Fly away little doggy!

Deep Circus vs. Tall Circus:

A debate for the ages, is the circus amongst the clouds more cutting edge than the circus beneath the ground? Polling amongst random people found on the street, we found 9% preferred the Deep Circus, whereas only 5% preferred the Tall Circus (86% told us to go away)

Directions to Deep Circus leaked!

Take a left. Walk along for 5 minutes. Do a somersault. Spin for 12 seconds. Dig a hole. Walk forward. Then blink. There is the Deep Circus.


The deep circus has a snake. It’s a pretty chill snake. Hobbies: Not being in an apocalypse. Dislikes: Being in an apocalypse. Favourite snack: Mineral water. Second favourite snack: tower-dwellers.

Deep Circus is the afterlife, the prelife, and life?

Major philosophers have been left speechless by claims the Deep Circus is all of reality and time. Maybe existence is just an elaborate metaphor for the Deep Circus.

Please get a job.

The Deep Circus does not exist. It is a fairytale parents tell their children to put them to bed. It is NOT real, please stop obsessing about it and touch some grass.

Turn 2

Loss of a believer

It is with great sadness the Deep Circus mourns the loss of cool Alex. Alex isn’t dead, the Deep Circus just decided we don’t think they’re cool anymore.

Water party!

Midnight. You, me, the serpent. Biggest pool in the Sanctuary. Be there or be square.

Peer review

The Deep Circus is the most commonly cited peer reviewer of all major magical studies, cited again in a paper published today. Some say the Deep Circus is the most glamorous source to study from, others say people just put them in when they need to reach a source count.

Juggler juggler needed

We’ve got plenty of jugglers. Too many. We need a juggler juggler to make use of all these jugglers. Become a famous juggler juggler and my people will make contact with your people.

Lovely view

Did you know the view on top of the Sun is lovely? Absolutely terrific. Deep Circus stamp of approval. Why don’t you climb on top of it and experience the view yourself?

Dung beetle x Serpent

When is the Legendary Dung Beetle gonna meet the Serpent? Can’t wait for the sparks to fly!

Turn 3

Visitor From the Deep

A mysterious stranger may or may not have arrived in the Sanctuary. They may or may not attend the banquet, may or may not be here on a mission and most definitely absolutely truly may or may not exist.

Nothing Deeper Than the Mind

The Deep Circus isn’t actually an organisation, but instead a state of mind. To truly be “of the Deep Circus” you need only close your eyes and ponder the complexities of the clown. What is clown? Where is a clown? When is a clown? Why is the clown? How is the clown?

The Sun Explained

The real reason why Chrysus built the sun was because he too is a wannabe member of the deep circus. The Ringmaster of the Deep Circus resides on the actual sun, so Chrysus just couldn’t help but try to mimic them. He plans to one day fly the sun up to meet the ringmaster. Perhaps others could hitch a ride?

A New Member

The Deep Circus is adding a new member to its ranks – the one and only Cool Alex. He is the Juggler Juggler we had been looking for all along.

Directions Out of the Deep Circus Leaked

Open your eyes. Walk backward. Fill a hole. Somersault for 21 seconds. Do a spin. Moonwalk along for 2 minutes. Take a right. And voila you have left the Deep circus.

Leader of the Deep Circus revealed

If you take the Archmage’s name - Nullapretium, rearrange the letters, remove some letters, add some letters, and rearrange them once again, then it spells out Deep Circus! What does this mean?

Turn 4

Don't Believe These Lies

Almost all rumours about the Deep Circus are actually spread by their arch-nemesis - the Peed Sucric. Only real members can tell apart truth and lie, but I'm willing to reveal the secret - you just have to

Twin Organisations

The Deep Circus has been so hard to find because it doesn't actually exist. There are actually 2 entirely different and unrelated groups that happen to be conflated by many into one.

A Performance of a Lifetime

Today and only today the Deep Circus is organising it's first show in a century (the last one naturally being the creation of the Sanctuary). The conductor of it's first act is the mysterious S - new member of the Deep Circus!

The Tragedy of Deep Circus

The Deep Circus no longer exists - they have been turned into monsters. Long ago they put up a performance for a powerful mage, but could not satisfy them. Enraged, the mage cast a spell on them that turned them all into humanoid monsters. Only fake love's kiss can break the curse. Next time you see a humanoid monster, give it a big smooch.

Latest Deep Circus Theme Tune Unveiled

Dum dum dum duuuum dum dum tri tri dum dum duuuum dum dummmmmmmmmmmmmm dum dummmmmmmmmmm tri tri du du du du du du du du du du du…

The More You Know

Fun fact: there are exactly 23 rumours about the Deep Circus in existence across the entire universe and all the timelines, including this one.

Turn 5

Cover Up

The explosion in the central square today was actually caused by a battle between the Deep Circus and those who want the world to become empty of entertainment. In fact, all explosions are caused by the Deep Circus for the exact same reason.

A Ritual

Join us brothers, sisters! Today we have sacrificed the central square to the great Ringmaster, so that they may return from the depths into which they were banished. Tomorrow, we shall sacrifice the entire Sanctuary for our lord's return!

Theory Theory

Everyone looks at the destruction of the central square too superficially. It is in fact a ploy by the Deep Circus to distract everyone from their whereabouts because our theories were getting too close to the actual truth!

Goodbye, Deep Circus

The final member of the Deep Circus is gone! The Ringmaster has disappeared form this world forever. Even the Sanctuary itself laments, destroying the central square in its grief.

Hello, Deep Circus

A new member is going to be inducted into the Deep Circus! The Ringmaster has decided to create the perfect stage for their performance - the central square is emptied of people, yet so many gather around it to see what has happened. What better stage could there be?

The Obvious Truth

The Deep Circus is in no way involved with the explosion in the central square - they don't exist, and if they did, they wouldn't live under the Sanctuary. Someone must have set off some gunpowder underground. The sheer amount of theories about this event is frankly unnecessary and uninformative.

Turn 6

The Ritual

Today in the central square a ritual shall take place in order to finally summon the Deep Circus. Everyone has spent too long trying to find a way to get to the Deep Circus when we should really have been trying to find a way to get the Deep Circus to us instead!

A Membership Refused

For the first time in history someone has refused to join the Deep Circus. They performed a performance like no other. They impressed the Ringmaster to no end. Yet the Deep Circus will have no Puppeteer, for the offer to join was rejected. A tragedy. Today we mourn the member that never will be.

The True Meaning of Evacuation

There are no monsters coming, there is no tornado soon to arrive! The evacuation is no more than a cover up for trying to sacrifice everyone to summon the Deep Circus. It is a type of magic never seen before, which shall be performed by the most faithful acolyte of the Deep Circus - Nullapretium. A worthy cause for all of us to die for!

Not One, But Many

The members of the Deep Circus exist on a level beyond our understanding. They are not merely 'people' but instead concepts that infuse groups. Haven't you ever noticed that the Hunters seem quite similar to the Beastmaster? That that those Floater artists are no different from the face-painter? They are all no more than projections of the Deep Circus from realms beyond!

The Gateway

The Sanctuary is not a city, but instead a door that we just so happen to have decided to live on. With our weight sitting upon it, the door couldn't open. But today, as we all evacuate into the caverns, it may be opened once again. The Deep Circus shall finally be let free of the prison it has spent more than a century in!

Not One, But Three

The Sanctuary is truly in danger, yet an evacuation won't be enough to save it. We must ask for help from the Ringmaster! Yet there is something that too many have neglected - the Ringmaster is not one person, but three instead! Nullapretium, Opularia and Cassandra are all shards of the same identity. Only through their power might we survive this ordeal. We must all put on a performance so that they may be satisfied enough to save the Sanctuary!

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