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The Time Loop

The Time Loop is an essential part of the story of Ad Nauseam. Your characters may come from all kinds of different backgrounds, but they all share two similarities: they were all invited to the banquet and they will all become trapped in a time loop.

At the beginning of the game, no character has IC knowledge of the Time Loop. OC, to avoid making the wiki too incomprehensible, here are some preliminary details on how the Time Loop will work. This page will be updated with new information as the game progresses.

  • We will refer to all those that are trapped in the Time Loop (eg all player characters) as Loopers in this wiki. You need not use this term IC.
  • All Loopers will be trapped in a 24 hours time loop, which covers the full day before the end of the Banquet (which ends at midnight).
  • The Loop resets at the end of the day and everything will be reverted back to how they were 24 hours ago, including the Loopers' location and physical possessions, but excluding their memories and any Quirks gained through advancement. Unless under other influence, all Loopers retain memories of what happened during previous iterations.


Death is a possibility in this game, but when time loops are involved… even the most permanent things may be less permanent then they usually seem. It would be difficult for your character to suffer a permanent death during the course of this game (though not impossible). However, one should note that death will limit your ability to interact with the game world for some time, even if it does not necessarily mean there will be nothing for you to do in that session.

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