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As a GM team, we think it is important to be considerate of the accessibility needs anyone interested in playing Ad Nauseam might have! While we have considered accessibility while setting up the game, ultimately we accept that everyone's needs are unique. Although sometimes it might not be possible for us to accommodate everyone's accessibility needs, we encourage anyone with concerns about accessibility to contact us at, and we will do our best to help!


Although images and/or audios may be involved in some optional aspects of the game, this is a primarily text-based game, and being able to interact with images and/or audios provided by GMs should never be necessary in order to meaningfully take part. Where possible we will provide transcripts/description.

We are aware that people may have internet connections of varying quality and consistency. Insofar as is possible we will try not to require continuous access during the three hours of Uptime, and will try to accommodate players who cannot consistently access the server on a case-by-case basis. Similarly, we will try to ensure that images, audio, documents or other bandwidth-intensive resources are either not required for meaningful participation in the game, or that an alternative text-based format can be provided.

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