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Turn 1

“He's gone.”
“Are you sure? Absolutely sure?”
“If we all get turned into pillars for his palace, it'll be on you.”

- Brief exchange overheard in an Outer City alley

Turn 2

“The Mafia hates the Military, the Military hates the Mafia, could it be anymore obvious? It’s forbidden love! Jackson and Frank have meetings every morning, I wanna see the saucy transcripts!”

- From a friend of a friend

Turn 3

“Have you seen Tern today?”
“Damn, who hasn't? They've been everywhere.”
“I hear they stopped that fight in the Market and the one here.”
“Also stopped the garden behind Level Head from sinking into the ground.”
“Oh, they were helping the military when that Custodian thing was happening in the afternoon as well.”
“Where do they get the time?”
“No idea. A schedule like that explains the grey hair though.”
“Damn, a drink to our friendly neighbourhood Tern!”

- Overheard in the Level Head

Turn 4

“Why are we called Floaters again?”
“Cuz we're opposed to the Grounders”
“Right, forgot, that makes sense”
“You can be such a doof sometimes”

- Overheard in the (formerly) sky-city

Turn 5

“Did you hear that explosion earlier?”
“Explosion? I thought it was an Earthquake.”
“Maybe… I heard Tom talking about a couple hunters down there, hope they're ok”

Overheard from an alleyway.

Turn 6

“I hear that someone's preparing some sort of ritual in the central square.”
“Ah, that's part of the evacuation effort, I think the Archmage is planning to do something.”
“What exactly can he do? Perhaps he can cast some sort of mass enhancement spell.”
“How the hell should I know? I'm not an Archmage, now am I?”

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