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We serve. When monsters come through the Sanctuary barrier, we are the ones who repel. When civilians need help in the forests outside, we are the ones who come to their help. When the Sanctuary only has one person left, we will all be there defending them. This is our thankless yet moral duty as Hunters. Now, arm yourself, get ready, and charge!
- Tom, leading a raid on a monster camp outside the Sanctuary.

Today on Midsummer's Eve there has been an unusual amount of monster attacks on the perimeter. Fen and Hen have been expressing unease, but Tom is unworried, even assigning a small regiment of hunters old and new (possibly including you) to keep him company at the Banquet.

Notable Characters

Tom (he/him):

A old hunter that’s looking for retirement, just need to find someone who’s sensible enough to lead. Trained a significant part of the active cohort of Hunters, including Fen and Hen, and is technically responsible for keeping the Bestiary up to date but this has slowly become a communal job.

Fen and Hen (they/them and he/him):

Inseparable siblings. Their joint prowess in battle is unrivalled amongst the Hunters. They use magic to imbue themselves, create weapons, or even change the environment to get every advantage they can against the merciless beasts outside the Sanctuary. Whilst Tom is the official leader of the Sanctuary, many Hunters look up to Fen and Hen instead. They don’t let this attention go to waste either, they use it to teach many unconventional tips and tricks that Tom’s old methodology doesn’t exactly approve of. Some think this is why Tom hasn’t relinquished his leadership to them yet, but the exact reason is unknown.


Having some experience in the Hunters, you have access to the Hunter’s Bestiary. As a result, you can recall some of the more interesting beasts from the entries.

The Dung Beetle:

If you see this, run. Perhaps the most powerful and intelligent creature seen around the Sanctuary, few hunters who have battled the creature have lived to tell the tale. This is the only creature in the Bestiary that has ever forced Fen and Hen into retreat.

A Flying Mane:

A lion’s head with bat wings. Can be fearsome in numbers, but normally easy to manage if you’re prepared with projectiles.

A Faceless:

Terrifying creatures - humanoid, but without a face and with arms that can stretch as long as 20m. They find their prey through echolocation and attack by dropping them from large heights.

A Rhosyn:

If you get infested by a Rhosyn that is reason enough to burn the house down. Creates a large vine network, propelling itself from one object to the next. The “brain” is a large flower than can bud up and move along the vines its created.

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