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The True Playground

Everyone can edit this page and anything said here is OC. Feel free to play, interact and post kinda relevant, non-spoiler memes.

Wild speculation

  • The logo is a hint that the time loop is sustained by human sacrifice.
  • Someone accidentally sacrificed the entire week after the banquet, which is why we have to keep re-using this day instead of moving on to the following days.
  • So-called equivalent exchanges are actually negative-sum, and the excess karma passes through the giant creepy door in Fullmetal Alchemist to fuel their positive-sum transmutations.
  • The dung beetle reset the time loop because Caliban almost squished them. They are also an all powerful god.
    • The dung beetle is the player character in a video game, and last midnight was their last checkpoint.
  • Peyton is trapped in a secret box on the Ad Nauseam server and Ivan is not allowed to legally deny or confirm this but it’s true and this is related to the dung beetle.
  • Archmage Nullapretium sacrificed the stability of the entire world in return for a magical utopia. The disaster at the end is the world re-balancing itself.
  • The Tornado is a monster that the Hunters must kill. The Tempus is its child.
  • The Tornado is a bold decision by the GMs to avoid writing any Eternities.

What theme plays as you stare in the mirror at the start of each loop

  • I've got you babe
  • Gotta get up
  • Beethoven's 5th
  • Mamma Mia
  • Trixie: 'Just a Girl', but each loop it gets increasingly distorted

Shipping Forecast

  • Merx/Marx
  • Marx/Engels
  • Dung Beetle/Big Snake - F*ck that city
  • Archmage/Custodian of Reality Person - Enemies to lovers (or are they)
  • Nullapretiam/Lilsahr
  • Florianus/Spellcasting - Nope
  • Remus Fletcher/Dying last minute once a day
  • Impetus/Spellanor the talking sword
  • Any Hunter/Trying to die - Why won't you kill me?
  • Cassandra/Anyone and Anything- XIII
  • Tern/Impetus - Ships that pass in the Void

<del>Fig's</del> William's rating of everyone's helpfulness in the final session

  • Caliban – Still suggesting bad ideas. Actively leading civilians away from the plan. 'dOn'T KiLL thE SnAKE.' -7/10
  • Cassandra – Saved every most members of the Sanctuary. Joint MPV. 9.8/10 (minus 0.2 for ghosting your boyfriend)
  • Carneades – MUNKEY. Tried to blow up the caverns (again). Failed many times. 4/10
  • Evie – No idea where she was for half the session. Tried to bully a child? 1/10
  • Fig – Doing Hunter stuff. Got led on a wild goose chase looking for the snake. 8/10
  • Imeptus – Haha, cat-monkey go brrr. Brought more monsters to the city. -3/10
  • Merx – Tried to organise an evacuation. A for effort, C for execution. 7/10
  • Mr Brinkus – Also no idea where he was for half the session. Also bullied a child? 1/10
  • Opularia – See Cassandra. Joint MPV. 10/10
  • Porphyr – Barely noticed him, although that was mechanical. Don't drink and explode, kids. 5/10
  • Remus – Showed up in last hour of play. At least he kept the Tempus from murdering everyone in the city. 5/10
  • Rennyn – Healer spammer. Spent most of the session asking an NPC if they were alright. 6/10
  • Sophie – Did anything come of those skelebros she spent so long badgering on about? Arguing with those bullying a child. 1/10
  • Tern – Hunter stuff. Tried to clear the caverns but followed the dumb plan of Carneades. 8/10
  • Trixie – Spent the entire session giving a tour to a monster. Simultaneously solved and created the biggest threat to the Sanctuary. Creeps me out. -2/10
  • Wolfgang – Pretty sure this player missed the session but wanted to give an IC reason why their character wasn't there. 0/10

Geraint Assembles an Ad Nauseam Tarot Deck

  • 0- The Fool- Impetus
  • I- The Magician- Nullapretium
  • II- The High Priestess- Opularia
  • III- The Empress- Fig
  • IV- The Emperor- Tom
  • V- The Hierophant- Caliban
  • VI- The Lovers- Florianus
  • VII- The Chariot- The Tempus
  • VIII- Strength- Remus
  • IX- The Hermit- Evie
  • X- The Wheel of Fortune- Carneades
  • XI- Justice- Tern
  • XII- The Hanged Man- Porphyr
  • XIII- Death- Sophie
  • XIV- Temperance- Mr Brinkus
  • XV- The Devil- Lilsahr
  • XVI- The Tower- Cassandra
  • XVII- The Stars- Merx
  • XVIII- The Moon- Charlotte
  • XIX- The Sun- Rennyn
  • XX- Judgement- Trixie
  • XXI- The World- Wolfgang

Impetus Reviews Everyone

  • Caliban: Pretty cool, has an awesome talking sword. Not sure about the squid thing. 4*
  • Cassandra: Weird and inconsistent, but still cool. 3*
  • Carneades: Flawless. 5* would gamble again.
  • Evie: Repeat after me: “Minds are not my playground.” 0*
  • Fig: Kinda uptight, but means well. 3*
  • Impetus: No place here. 0*
  • Merx: Well-meaning but headache-inducing. 1*
  • Mr Brinkus: Kind but condescending 2*
  • Opularia: Talks down to people. 2*
  • Porphyr: Didn't see much, but seems nice. 3*
  • Remus: Awesome and fuzzy. 5*
  • Rennyn: See Porphyr. 3*
  • Sophie: Curious and driven, if a little preachy. 3*
  • Tern: Hope they're doing better now. Pretty awesome. 4*
  • Trixie: Creepy in the best way. 5*
  • Wolfgang: Seems nice, but fire-averse. 3*

Cassandra Reviews Wishes (In Chronological Order)

  • Glitter- Stop stop get it out get it out why would you do this. Worked on Caliban though. One glitterbomb out of a ruined house
  • Nullapretium Number 1- Caused our current problem, but admittedly did have a long period of keeping a lot of people safe. One Sanctuary out of two
  • Nullapretium Number 2- Turned out to be vital to our survival, which I resent because it was so poorly thought out. Meant we could survive. A reluctant five time loops out of six
  • Opularia- Very nasty and vindictive price, but achieved exactly what it set out to do. Couldn't have survived without it. Pretty Sanctuary too, a fitting magnum opus. One art piece out of many
  • Cassandra- More or less see above, but I was less well prepared. I also feel like I forgot something? Did work though. Many living citizens out of many
  • Demonica- Shook the foundations of the world, but was undeniably spectacular. Cost unclear? One week out of fifty two

Ad Nauseam PC's Typed as Pokemon

  • Caliban- Water/Dark
  • Cassandra- Normal/Ghost
  • Carneades- Fairy/Dark
  • Evie- Normal/Dark
  • Fig- Normal/Fighting
  • Impetus- Bug/Fairy
  • Merx- Steel/Normal
  • Mr Brinkus- Grass/Water
  • Opularia- Ghost/Psychic
  • Porphyr- Water/Flying
  • Remus- Fighting/Dark
  • Rennyn- Fighting/Rock
  • Sophie- Ghost/Ground
  • Tern- Steel/Fighting
  • Trixie- Grass/Fairy
  • Wolfgang- Water/Rock
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