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Ad Nauseam

By order of Nullapretium, Archmage and Guardian of Magic — Founder of our Sanctuary
You have been cordially invited to the annual Banquet
At the Manor of the Archmage
Starting 19:00, Midsummer's Eve

Welcome to the world of Ad Nauseam! The GM team hope that you will enjoy exploring the Sanctuary, and welcome you to submit a character creation sheet if you want to jump in. Please feel free to shoot any questions to Ad Nauseam GM team.


Here's the planned schedule for Ad Nauseam (note the break in weeks 8 and 9 for exams). Every session is planned to take place at 7:00pm for three hours.

Session Date
Character creation Saturday 7th May
Session 1 Tuesday 10th May
Session 2 Tuesday 17th May
Session 3 Tuesday 24th May
Session 4 Tuesday 31st May
Session 5 Tuesday 7th June
Session 6 Tuesday 28th June
Debrief Tuesday 5th July


Ad Nauseam is a game about a city called the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a city for mages, including yourself. It is a safe refuge for everyone to practice magic or just try and live a normal life, away from the judging eyes of the non-magical world outside. There are variations of magic skills in this world, but there is one fundamental rule: equivalent exchange. If you wish to gain something, you must sacrifice something of equal value. The paths that mages walk in this world often represent their view on how much they are willing to sacrifice.

Ad Nauseam aims to give the player a world to explore this idea, alongside many others. You start at the Archmage's banquet, where there will inevitably be disputes between citizens of the Sanctuary, and it will be up to you to decide how to proceed. If you make a mistake on your first go, worry not as Ad Nauseam is set in a Time Loop. This means that you will have chances to make amends, test limits, and discover things which normally you wouldn't be able to.

We aim to provide something for every player in Ad Nauseam, and hope that being stuck in a looping Sanctuary for a while allows you to try some of everything.

Game format

Ad Nauseam will take place in 3 parts:

  • Uptime in which players roleplay their characters’ interactions and describe their actions over Discord text channels in real time. This will include the opportunity to participate in short, GM-moderated adventures.
  • Downtime, which consists of:
    • Emails, using the game's email system, in which players may continue to communicate after Uptime has ended until an hour before the Turnsheet deadline. This may be used for last minute planning before writing Turnsheets, as well as any other communication or roleplay players wish to engage in. Players are asked to not use any other means for IC communication during downtime, as GMs are able to read all emails sent via this system. This is important for the moderation of the game.
    • Turnsheets, in which players submit a summary of what they plan to achieve during Downtime to the wiki. This will be read by the GM team who will provide a written response before the next session.
  • If you have never used Discord before, we suggest reading Discord Basics
  • For specifics on our use of Discord for uptime, see Uptime on Discord
  • For details on turnsheets, see Downtime, Emails and Turnsheets

How to Navigate the Wiki

A Note to New Players

An important first thing to note if you're a new player: you don't need to read this entire website!

There's a lot of material here, and you certainly don't need to know all of it to start playing. Read only what interests you and what's relevant to a character you might like to play - you will find a guide to sections of the website and what they tell you below.

As GMs, we would be delighted to have any new players on board, and would like to reassure you that being new should be no barrier to participation! You are always more than welcome to email the GM Team with any questions or concerns you may have, and we are certain that older players will also be happy to provide any guidance once Ad Nauseam is underway. We hope you enjoy!

Where Next?

Pages under 'Welcome' in the sidebar offer quick access to out-of-character information.

  • If you are unsure of any of the words used on this wiki, you can consult the Glossary
  • For a better grasp of our vision for the game, the tone we intend to set, and the key themes of the game, please see Tone and Style

Pages under 'Lore' in the sidebar feature more flavourful, descriptive text and are designed to tell you more about the world that Ad Nauseam takes place in. A good place to start would be…

Pages under 'Mechanics' will describe the finer details of in-game interactions, including important information for character creation, such as the list of Quirks available and how Magic works.

Pages under 'Playing the Game' in the sidebar feature rules text and are designed to explain how to the game will run.

If you want to get straight to submitting a character, Character Creation offers a crash course on creating your character.

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