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Sample Turnsheet


Here you can indicate which of the 3 Quirks proposed by the GMs you have chosen to obtain: Perceptive+

Major Action


What would you like to do and what do you want to achieve: Explore the abandoned floating mansion for clues of the missing mages. Find and help the mages if possible, try to figure out what's behind the disappearances.


How you plan to do this, any private plans if this is a group action and possible contingencies. Please try and keep this brief but clear. It would also be useful to list these in chronological order

  • Meet up with Luciana and Meg, who will be exploring the mansion with me. We are doing this before sunrise to remain inconspicuous.
  • We will get to the mansion by combining Luciana's agility and my knowledge in architecture (Architect). I will chart a way for Luciana through the labyrinth of floating houses nearby and once she's up there, she'll extend a rope down for Meg and I. If this fails, I am prepared to use Shaping to conjure stone tendrils that will form a ladder between the mansion and the ground.
  • Once we are in the mansion, we will tread lightly and scout out the rooms methodically, trying to avoid triggering any traps or falling through any structural weaknesses of the house. I will use magic to Enhance my perception (Perceptive) so we will not miss anything suspicious.
  • If we find the mages there, we will try to help them. If they are in a state that can be moved, we will bring them with us to The Level Head. The Tavern Keeper has agreed to take care of them.

Relevant Spells/Quirks/Items

list the quirks that would be relevant to this action, as well as any planned use of magic. If you do not let us know, we may not assume you have the ability to execute the action.

  • Quirk: Architect+
  • Quirk: Perceptive+
  • Magic: Enhancement on Perceptive+
  • Magic: Shaping for the ladder (potentially), social cost preferred

Other players/NPCs involved

Who is doing this with you

  • Luciana (PC)
  • Meg (NPC)

Minor Actions

Here you can detail any small notable actions you perform in downtime, note that you will have a relatively small impact in any actions that you minor and will receive no more than a sentence of write up for them

  • Check out the commotion at the city square, which apparently happened at noon in the last iteration.
  • Lend Sven my hat.
  • Tell Sven where the safehouse is.
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