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Character creation

The details of character creation can be seen down below.
To create a character it is suggested that you read through this page and the mechanics section of the wiki before submitting your character through this google form.
The deadline for character submission is Saturday 7th of May 23:59 (midnight)

Creating a character is about creating someone who fits into the world of Ad Nauseam that you would like to play. By nature of our setting in the Sanctuary, every character is magical, which means every character has had at some point a Rapture/Rupture (an event that deeply upset your character). It is not necessary to describe your Rapture/Rupture, but if you feel it adds to the backstory of your character you can include it in your bio.

When a mage experiences their Rapture/Rupture, it is tradition for them to rename themselves. Mages that are more keen to use magic will tend to choose more fantastical names (tend to be sourced from OC old languages such as Latin, ancient Greek, etc.), whereas mages that are more modest will rename themselves with a more “modern” or simple name. While players are encouraged to follow this tradition, it is not a strict naming convention. Nonetheless, characters may still comment on each other's names and make assumptions of their attitudes based on them.

Aside from a Rapture/Rupture, everyone has desires and possessions in this world, and the consequence of living in a magical city is that everyone's desires and possessions are too often taken for granted. So, what does your character value: what is their most valuable possession (doesn't have to be material), and what is their greatest desire?

This has been brewing a while now, but dissent against magic is more visible. Some say that the sacrifices we make when we perform magic are too great and thus magic is inherently evil. Others say the ends justify the means and that magic helps people get one up on a cruel world. But what does your character think: have they been showing off their magic ever since they had their Rapture/Rupture, or do they resent magic and the damage it causes, only hiding out in the Sanctuary for fear of what's outside?

Finally, your character will have innate characteristics that describe who they are. We call these Quirks. Quirks describe your character's abilities and interactions with the world. How well they can do this, how poorly they can do that; which factions are they on good terms with; what valuable items they keep. Quirks are where your character becomes truly unique, with each set of Quirks meaning your character has a tangible set of strengths and weaknesses. As your character lives their life in the Sanctuary, they may develop new Quirks to bolden their strengths (or maybe enhance their weaknesses). See the Quirks page for limitations on choosing Quirks.

If you wish to see some example characters for inspiration, see here.

In summary, during character creation you will decide on:

  • Your character's name and pronouns
  • Your character's greatest desire
  • Your character's greatest possession
  • Your character's view on magic
  • Affiliation Quirks (you can choose a maximum of 1)
  • A private bio that only the GMs and you read, telling us as much as you want about your character. Maximum 500 words.
  • A public bio that every PC can read, what others in the Sanctuary may have heard about your character and what your character looks like. Maximum 250 words.

OC Disclosure

OC Name

In this game, it is not possible to play anonymously. However, it is possible to avoid knowing who everyone is OC if you wish to have a fully immersive experience.

All players must disclose their OC name as well as their character name, which the GMs will compile into a document. Viewing this document will be made optional to the entire player base, free for people to look at if they wish. It will be possible to see people's names and character names individually, without revealing the identities of the entire player-base to the observer. OC names will be publicly listed as your first name plus the first initial of your last name (except where this does not uniquely distinguish you from other players, in which case the minimum number of subsequent letters of your last name required to distinguish you will be displayed).

This is to ensure that people remain accountable if there is a breach of conduct and that players can avoid contact with other players for OC reasons, if they so choose.


Please note that we only accept players above 16 years of age and that we need to know whether or not you are over 18 for safety reasons.


This game has a player cap of 16 players and we will prioritise current students and then new players in the case of the player cap being met. Thus we would like to know whether you are a student, whether this is your first society game, and in the case of the player cap being met, whether you would like to take part in the ballot.

Accessibility & Anything Else

If you have any accessibility requirements (especially in relation to the multimedia aspect of the game) or phobias you would like to disclose, please let us know in this section. We will endeavour to accommodate your requests. For more details, see accessibility.

Best wishes, and may a long and happy life in the Sanctuary await.

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