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Custodians of Reality

Welcome to the Custodians of Reality. Together we shall free the Sanctuary from the chains of equivalent exchange and the cruelty of a society built on sacrifice: that is, we shall rid it of the curse of MAGIC. Min-Min and Radovedna will be your contacts should you wish to turn these sentiments into hands-on action to move us into the future. Otherwise, spread the word! The Sanctuary must be pushed towards the truth, and weaned off its reliance on cruelty and loss. For the sake of us all, magic must fall.

A letter slid under your door addressed to you. It has no signature, instead just an owl symbol associated with the Leader.

The first full meeting of the Custodians was on the day of Midsummer Eve, about six hours before the banquet. You’ve heard rumours there might be something planned for tonight, and Min Min or Radovedna should know more if you wish to get involved. But they’re not naturally trusting. Magic will do that to people; it destroys trust, just as, in the end, it destroys everything else.

Notable Characters

Min Min (they/them):

Min min is a vocal Custodian, and perhaps how you joined was through them. They have hosted several rallies, made several pieces of propaganda, and they are always on the lookout for more recruits. They reside in the Outer City, constantly bickering with their neighbours about the arrogance and evil of magic. Min Min will be at the banquet tonight, presumably there to spread the Custodian’s message to some higher ups in the Sanctuary. Their methods are blunt and have caused controversy, but to Min Min no cost is too great to end magic.

Radovedna (she/her):

It is not uncommon for mages to be curious and passionate about knowledge, after all their power comes from it. However, it is much less common for a mage to be so passionate about the dangers of magic. Radovedna is an enthusiastic activist who has made it her life's mission to ensure that everyone knows that magic isn't just floating houses and sky-waterfalls, but also a dangerous tool that can hurt both the user and those around them. She will also be at the Banquet tonight, presumably to help/contain Min Min.

The Leader (they/them):

It is uncertain whether anyone knows the identity of the Leader, or if they even exist. Some believe that Min Min is the leader, or maybe Radovedna, but when asked about it they will deny any claim they’ve never seen the Leader’s face. They have acted in shadows for years now, slowly amassing an anti-magic force. Once again, no-one knows how many call themselves Custodians, but no one can deny it’s become a common name over the last few years. The only thing known about the leader is that they sign off all their letters with an owl symbol.

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