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Painful Memories

You think back to the fateful day of your rupture.

You lived in a small house closer to the outskirts of the village. You always preferred it that way - easier to gather various herbs from the nearby forest. Ilyrana made a wonderful stew that evening, well at the very least you thought xie did - the twins didn't like it as much. In a lull of conversation you noticed the shouts coming from the centre of the village. You'd usually not be worried, after all the tavern that way too, but the shouts were too numerous, too frantic. As the local healer you left with Ilyrana to check on the situation (xie would often help with treating patients, and whatever was going on you'd likely need the help). The sight that you came upon when you arrived burned itself into your memory permanently: Flowing robes, long black hair, a satchel of scrolls - you watched a mage send a blast of fire into a crowd of villagers. Your senses were completely overwhelmed. The heat singed the hairs off of your skin, yet you did not feel that pain, for he pain you heard and saw was so much more horrifying to you. Their screams echoed in your ears, pure unfettered agony at a cruel death - you could feel their voices clawing at your mind, pleas for help and healing that you could not provide. The sight of melting flesh, blackening skin, the spark of life leaving these people you called friends and comrades. And by the end there was naught but silence and ash.
You knew who this man was, his image described in the very way he appeared before you in every cautionary tale of magic - Severing the devourer. After finishing off his first batch of innocents, he stumbled backwards. Your friends had clearly managed to hurt him, as indicated by the dagger sticking out of his chest, but clearly not enough. You began walking towards him. This man, no, this monster took away almost everyone you knew and cared for. Severing turned to you in shock, having likely expected to have dealt with the entire village with his single blow. Tears and rage were all you saw in that moment - you raised your hand, almost instinctively, and cast a spell. Severing was set aflame. You watched him burn, experience the same agony as did all your friends. You saw him try to put it out and fail. You heard him scream for help, but there would be none for a monster that burns innocent people to death. You watched him finally raise up his hand towards you and speak the words “I curse you” as a light left his hand and entered your body. With Severing dealt with you turned back to Ilyrana in relief, only to find her gone and both your children staring at you in horror.

The memories that come afterwards are blurred and vague, the shock and despair of losing your spouse had done a number on you.

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