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The Inner Sanctuary

There is no place in this world that is closer to magic-paradise than the Inner Sanctuary. Houses float up towards the skies like balloons, tied to the ground by rope to prevent them from flying away. Mages use magic, in place of currency, to buy any goods or services. All are free to use magic as they wish, when they wish and however they wish. Truly a utopia… or at least thats how it may seem at first glance. The Inner Sanctuary is depicted within the red circle on this map.

Notable Locations

The Archmage's mansion

The single grandest landmark of the city, its spire peeking out even above the floating houses. It is there that the founder and guardian of the Sanctuary - Archmage Nullapretium lives. Every year he will hold a banquet in this manor's halls, to celebrate magic, welcome any newcomers and give mages a chance to socialise with each other.

The Central Square

At the very centre of the city is a wonderful open square. Exquisite patterns adorn the ground, marble arches decorate the edges and a colossal waterfall stretches down from the skies. No place quite as breathtaking as this one. You can find the occasional Inner City mage wandering through here, deep in thought. They say some of the most famous art pieces were thought up in this very square.

The Sky-City Centre

Floating houses have become so popular over time that they now almost compose a city of their own. Nonetheless, there isn't exactly much to see here. Houses from mages past and present, abandoned or lived in, crowd the sky to such an extent that it is indistinguishable from the Outer City (even if a lot more fantastical), with cramped alleyways stretching between densely packed houses.

The Sun

A massive floating palace made of pure gold adorns the skies of the Sanctuary. Some newcomers to the Sanctuary may be quite shocked to find two suns in the sky when they look up. A common mistake to make, with how brightly this building shines in the sunlight. It is the abode of the most prolific Greed Mage, Chrysus, and the unofficial headquarters of Greed Mages. The Floaters refer to it as “The Sun” with amicable amusement. The Grounders spit out the nickname in quiet alleys, with fear and contempt in equal measures.

The Grand Library

This building, second in size to only the Archmage's mansion, is perhaps half the reason so many mages flock to the Sanctuary. Having a safe haven from the outside world is great and all, but many are unwilling to stagnate in their pursuit of knowledge and understanding for protection. It is maintained and expanded by the head librarian - Almustanir.

The Real Estate Office

The place where mages, literally, ascend to the skies with their newly bought floating house. It also serves as a gathering place for Floaters, and often the site of many a debate with those less aerially inclined.

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