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GMs & NPCs

This page lists the GMs of Ad Nauseam and the NPCs they play. If you'd like to contact an NPC by email, please add “FAO: [GM name/NPC name]” in the subject line of your email (otherwise, we might miss it!) If you're not sure who to contact, please feel free to direct your query to the entire GM team.

Ivan (Head GM)

Pronouns: he/him

What would you do in a time loop?
Travel around the world, rob a library, learn every subject, try everything, gradually become apathetic to all worldly matters, go insane

NPC Pronouns Description
Nullapretium He/him Archmage and Guardian of the Magic - Founder of our Sanctuary
Jackson He/him Half the reason the Sanctuary has yet to break down in chaos
Almustanir They/them Keeper of wisdom, shusher of rude people, pesterer of Archmages
Tom He/him Once the first line of defence against the beasts, now a relic of the past
Du Vent He/him Give the grounders your goodbyes and come ascend to the skies!
??? They/them The most magnificent act


Pronouns: They/them

What would you do in a time loop?
Use my knowledge of the future to speak perfectly in sync with other people and confuse them

NPC Pronouns Description
Charlotte She/her Passionate and willing to go that extra distance to reach her goals
Frank He/him He may be a crime-lord, but he still does his part in society
Bob Taylor He/him Extra! Extra! Mage detonates house during floating Spell gone wrong!
Radovedna She/her Also known as “One hundred thousand whys”


Pronouns: He/him

What would you do in a time loop?
Watch groundhog day, play outer wilds, watch that one doctor who episode where he time loops…

NPC Pronouns Description
Lilsahr He/him Don't get in his way and he won't get in yours, owns a little shop full of trinkets
Farmer Joe He/Him He has a cotton eyepatch and he loves farming
Min Min They/them They better not see you casting magic and hurting others
Fen and Hen They/them and He/him Arguably the best hunters in the city, expect marksmen and also inseparable
Chalucifier She/her They are very defensive about their nobility and floatiness


Pronouns: She/Her

What would you do in a time loop?

NPC Pronouns Description
Florianus He/Him A famous Floater artist renown for his gentle artstyle and pastel colour scheme
Lady Luesyl She/Her A charming young noblelady here to find new friends
Demonica She/Her Lilsahr's apprentice, a helpful and bubbly young woman with a passion for magic
Edith She/Her Tavern Owner of the Level Head, an affable old woman who will hit you with a broom for causing trouble in her tavern
Chrysus He/She A terrifying Greed Mage rumoured to have eyes for nothing but the glint of gold
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