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What Little You've Heard


Nullapretium (Archmage, Guardian of Magic and Founder of Our Sanctuary):

The Archmage presides over the Sanctuary with the unanimous consent of his adoring people. Stories are told, and perhaps in our enthusiasm for his decorated past there has been some leaking between fact and fiction, but the Archmage is little interested in these fables. He is the only Archmage ever to have existed within the Walls and the unfailing guardian of the Sanctuary and of magic.


The artist that everyone wants on their walls: and if you have any taste, on yours as well. His magical art, a whirlwind of pastels, petals and dreamy softness, is as moving as it is melancholy; as profoundly liminal as it is absolute. From his houses to his jewellery, his talent is unmatched, and his conduct at a dance is quite the scandal!


Turn 1

The Custodians cause chaos

Earlier today a masked revolutionary attracted a crowd where the houses take root, giving a riling speech before cutting a few houses loose. Some bystanders said this scene made them “sad to see a floating house wasted like that”, and “frustrated that the Custodians are trying to take the beauty of magic from us”. The military arrived shortly after the cutting began, but it seems the assumed Custodian made it away without getting caught. The military refused to comment on their lack of success given they consider it an active investigation.

-Extract from The Winged Words

Turn 2

The Dark Circus is recruiting!

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Flyer attached:

  Circus, Circle, Cycle
  At the mouth of the river you stand, quill in hand.             This world is in an unbroken circle 
  The Serpent hisses, the Sun watches. “Who comes? Who goes?”     the Dark Circus seeeks to break
  “Who comes? Who goes?” You question, quill in hand.             You wil know we speak the truth
  “It matters not,” Laughs the Ourobororos.                       for the Sun shall be still in the sky this 
  Rain clouds gather above the towers of sand.                                                           day
  By the feet of the tower you stand, brush in hand. 
  The Serpent a crescent smile, the Sun a chamomile. “Who comes? Who goes?”
  “Who comes? Who goes?” You ponder, brush in hand.
  “We return,” Speaks the Ourobobororos.                            The Great Serpant will reset the world
  Upon broken stones, a garland.                                    Join us in the Centrael Square
                                                                    when te floating houses fly away.
  Under torn canopies you stand, chisel in hand. 
  The Serpent a destiny, the Sun history. “Who comes? Who goes?”             Bring mineral water.
  “Who comes? Who goes?” You shudder, chisel in hand.
  “You are back,” Sighs the Ourobobororosor.
  Painted eyes weep a river, they understand.
  At the mouth of the river you stand, quill in hand.
  At the mouth of the Serpent you stand.
  In the shadow of the Sun you stand.
  “Who comes? Who goes?” You whisper. 
  The Ourobobororosoros does not answer. 
  “Remember yet, your father’s face, and your mother’s voice.”

-In the ad section of every newspaper

Turn 3

The Blue Jay Strikes Again!

Three days ago, the lady thief promised to relieve Nilsatis of their prized sapphire crown. And as is well known: when the Blue Jay makes a promise, she keeps it!
During this afternoon's chaos, when two houses floated away - including poor Nilsatis' - dozens of bystanders witnessed the sudden exit of the Blue Jay, in her typical, stylish, azure coat. Witnesses swear she glided down from the mansion as it floated higher and higher, the crown gleaming in her hand, straight onto the Sun! It seems she is more daring than even her most devoted fans imagined! What could she have done on the Sun?
Reports say the mysterious thief was not the only one to have landed on the Sun today. Apparently other figures were seen tumbling out of the floating house onto the Sun. We are eagerly awaiting further developments!

- Extract from The Winged Words

Turn 4

Fashion, what to and what not to wear to a Banquet

We all know the Archmage’s banquet is coming up, which means there’s another chance to flaunt your wardrobe to some of the biggest names in the Sanctuary. By following our advice, you’ll be so dazzling even Nullapretium will have no choice but to submit in total awe and admiration. Step 1: NO DEEP CIRCUSES: Frankly the fad has gone on too long and whoever keeps trying to bring it back should be arrested for desecration of fashion. Sure I can understand Deep. Sure Circus is a nice look for some. But Deep AND Circus TOGETHER - hard pass. Step 2: RECONNAISSANCE: Do you want to look like a fool? Do you want to be a fool? No you do not. That's why you should snoop around the banquet beforehand and eat a few of those delicious banquet grapes. You'll have so much in common with all the other non-fools! Step 3: GOLD IS THE NEW GOLD: Chrysus has been a big part of our community (even if she keeps ignoring our banquet invitations), so what better way to celebrate her than to wear actual gold? And no, we don't mean your crappy last century gold robes - get your gold bars, get your gold coins, get your gold chandelier and wear it.

- Extract from the Winged words

Turn 5


Our insiders amongst the Hunters have reporter back that some people are talking about evacuating the Sanctuary! We asked Tom for questions, but he refused to comment at this time, saying it was a “delicate issue”. This leaves us with the question: what are the hunters scared off? If the hunters want to evacuate the city, is it time for the Military, or even the Mafia to take over control of the Sanctuary border? We will have to see how the situation develops and whether the Hunters do stand their ground or not.

-Extract from In The Loop

Turn 6

The Deep Circus is recruiting!

Please see the attached flyer for more information.

 A grand performance has been made
 Yet you my gift rejected
 To not have made a new companion, I'm dismayed
 But an artist's will must be respected

-In the ad section of every newspaper

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