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GM Team

Ad Nauseam was only made possibly thanks to a small, but dedicated (and overworked) GM team:

  • Ivan C.
  • Cynthia Z.
  • Connor F.
  • Kerry W.S.

It is due to the combined creativity of four great minds that this game could come to fruition, in place of remaining nothing more than an interesting idea.


Many thanks to the playtesters, who not only helped pick out small errors and stylistic inconsistencies, but also pointed out problems with the mechanics of Ad Nauseam, which eventually led to a vital revamping of the entire system.

  • Peyton C.
  • Geraint H.
  • Max W.
  • Rowan M.
  • Will B.
  • Ainhoa S.G.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Andrew K-R. for setting up the wiki and providing occasional expertise. Thank you also to Peyton C., who contributed greatly to the creation and planning of the game, but was unable to be a GM due to scheduling constraints.

Credits to Past Society Games

Thanks is also due to past games from which we have taken wording (occasionally copied in accordance with licencing) and inspiration in content and in organising the Wiki:

Image Credits

All photographs used for the Ad Nauseam wiki were found via Google Images and Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 license. All credit goes to the images' original owners. the Ad Nauseam map was created by Cynthia Z through Inkarnate..

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