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Welcome to the Outer Sanctuary. Now, you won't be seeing here any of that reckless endangerment, excessive magic use or pure unfettered chaos that's ever=present in the Inner City. I will admit that the so-called “Magical Utopia” may look good, but trust me when I tell you it ain't worth it. Do you know how many injuries are caused a day by misuse of magic in the Inner City? Too many. Those bastards would barely even function without our help. A functioning government, infrastructure, public healthcare, agriculture - we oversee it, they don't bother with it. Sure, we may have our flaws, with the whole coalition between the mafia and government, as well as the repeated monster attacks. But clearly all our strengths shine brighter because so many people keep settling in the Outer City that we barely have space to fit them all in.
- an average Grounder

Notable Characters


Our beloved General. Didn't want the job, but damn is he good at it. You probably won't be seeing much of him, as most of the time he's busing sorting through various applications for funding and planning out the further development of the Sanctuary. He'll be at the Banquet though - he goes there to attend the meeting between our government officials and the Inner City “government” officials. However much he dislikes those Floaters, its still at least a chance for him to take a break from all the paperwork and military strategy.


Now most newcomers see the mafia and its leader as a brutish organisation that just extorts money from people. Those who've been here long enough can tell you that their efforts to keep the city going probably justify that extortion. Regardless of how capable our General is, he just hasn't got enough men to get things done. Now, this is not to say that the mafia is 'good'. The only reason this tense cooperation could form is because the General somehow got that Greed Mage - Chrysus on their side.
As for the leader fo the mafia, not much can be said about him. You probably won't ever see him, but if you do, you're probably screwed.


The Level Head is the best tavern in the city. Even those Floaters frequent it despite it being “an unnecessarily grounded establishment”. The tavern has been here since the Sanctuary was established and was passed down from generation to generation all the way to our lovely Edith. She makes good food, is kind to most and doesn't take any nonsense.


I may not exactly like her, but I have to respect her. She's managed to be just as welcome into the General's office as into the Archmage's mansion. I wouldn't be surprised if she has even managed to forge connections with the elusive Frank. Either way, its best that you don't get on her bad side, lest you face the ire of just about every powerful figure in the Sanctuary.

Farmer Joe:

Damn near the only Grounder who actually lives in the Inner City. Arrived at the Sanctuary one day, popped his farm into existence near the city square and has been staying there ever since. Jolly old fellow, a little cagey about his past, but thats not much of a surprise when talking to mage, now is it?

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