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Notable Figures

“To lead a city is difficult, to lead a magical city is impossible, so I try to let it run itself” - Nullapretium

The Sanctuary has many different factions, and at the top of most there is a figurehead trying to keep their group thriving. The most well known names in the Sanctuary are below, alongside what faction they lead. See the description of each faction in the Factions page.


  • Nullapretium (he/him) - There is not a single person in the Sanctuary that would not know this name. He is the founder of the Sanctuary, its only Archmage and its steadfast guardian… Or at least thats what most believe. As with most famous figures, there are many tales about him, varying from fascinating to ridiculous. Its quite difficult to differentiate the facts from the fables, which isn't much helped by the Archmage's lack of enthusiasm for discussing his past.


  • Jackson (he/him) - The glue that's holding the Sanctuary together - the General and leader of the Outer City government. He came to the Sanctuary to gain some measure of respite from the battlefield, only to be thrust right back into one having been awarded the position of General and told to keep the Sanctuary intact. The weight of thousands of mages on his shoulders hasn't exactly helped him relax. He'd quit the job, but the Sanctuary would fall apart without him and he just couldn't bear to see that happen.


  • Tom (he/him) - Quite a long time ago now, the Hunters were the sole guardians of the Sanctuary, protecting it from beast and brute alike. Nowadays, while they remain the first line of defence, they have lost much of their importance. Old Tom is a relic from those glory days and you can certainly tell that he has done his fair share of work from all the 'trophies' around his neck. He doesn't hold as much sway among the Hunters as he once did, but still remains a respected figure, having trained most of the more exceptional ones himself.


  • Frank (he/him) - Everybody knows about Frank. The man who clawed his way up the ranks during the absolute unruly chaos that was the Sanctuary many years ago; the man who ruled the Sanctuary with an iron fist for more than a decade uncontested; the man who runs half the city to this very day. However, very few people actually know Frank. He doesn't like keeping a particularly high profile, which is quite a reasonable preference when you're quite disliked by the military and a powerful mercenary Greed Mage happens to live in the same city as you do.


  • Chrysus (he/she) - Rumoured to be the most powerful Greed Mage ever to have existed, some say Chrysus is the sole reason why the mafia and the military have not descended into open war. Before coming to Sanctuary, the figure was an infamous assassin and mercenary, known for charging the extortionate price of the targets' weight in gold. The story goes that Chrysus would sacrifice all that gold to transform the targets themselves into statues of pure gold, and they would be his prize. Despite having been in the Sanctuary for many year, Chrysus remains an enigma. The mage seldom leaves the Sun and even when she does, she maintains an alabaster detachment.
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